„The branded apples are special and customizable souvenirs that, because of their exclusivity, have a place in PR agency practice. Despite the simplicity of the idea, it offers many opportunities, so we could successfully apply it to several types of clients. It is an ideal solution for festivities and conferences, which has a significant added value in spite of the apparent everydayness of the apple. In each case, we have had great success among our partners.”
Németh Krisztina Accounts Director, FERLING Ltd.

„The branded apple was a great addition to the University’s first TEDx event. For this special occasion, we were looking for such a special gift for their guests.”

Marton Tímea leading event organizer, BUDAPEST METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY
„We have been presenting our sample for 8 years each year for our patients. They have also been beautiful this year, and they again had great success among our regular buyers. Thank you very much!”
Gyöngyszem Employees of patics, Pécs