The text is printed on the apple during the natural ripening process of the apple with the help of the sun. It works just like tanning on the beach: the skin remains untanned under the bathing suits, where the pigmentation process is not triggered by the rays of the sun. The print is displayed where the apple is not “tanned” by the sun.

The excellent quality of the apples makes it possible to store them for as long as 7-9 months between the end of September to March or April.

Absolutely. Every apple is grown on a tree, not made of plastic.

Any kind of print can be printed on the apples. Logos and short promotional texts look especially spectacular. However, due to the size of the surface, highly complex prints cannot be displayed perfectly. Please, contact our colleagues to check your idea.

The price is determined by three factors: the complexity of the print, the volume of the order and the time of the intended use. Please, request your quote today.
Not a problem. We can store the mintaZalma apples for you in perfect condition and deliver your order at the right time. Please, contact us for more details.